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Our focus is to source a skilled and fully compliant workforce to complete your project to a high standard, on time and to budget. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve developed a range of solutions designed to work with what your organisation is setting out to achieve. We can fully manage your recruitment project or provide support for self-delivered projects.

Base is recruitment simplified. Offering short-term and immediate staffing, it’s our fast-paced solution to make sure your project is operating efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll deploy a workforce from our extensive database of fully vetted and immediately available workers.

We’ve got the infrastructure in place to accommodate for your projects that require a quick turnaround.

Claptone is our all-round managed service.

Gauging your organisation’s individual needs, we work in partnership with you from the beginning of your project, to create a tailored and lasting solution.

We’ve used our industry know-how and the latest technology to create innovative services that go way beyond workforce deployment.

Our business platform will allow you to adopt a strategic approach to measuring quality and performance within your organisation.

We’ve developed initiatives to fulfil your business obligations, relating to:

• compliance and right to work documentation
• wellbeing and a happy and healthy workforce
• equality, diversity and inclusion
• opportunities for upskilling your staff

Claptone is designed with the long term in mind, working together for your organisation to thrive through our unique, tried and tested processes.

Innorec offers two recruitment platforms that revolutionise the traditional recruitment model.

You’ll receive video interviews of our pre-qualified candidates, giving you a visual representation of what they offer and instant engagement with the candidate.

Designed to enhance the hiring process, Innorec will allow your organisation to capture talent more efficiently.

Innorec can also be applied as a non-biased hiring platform. We collaborate with you to find the best person for the job, making ability, skills and knowledge the deciding factor in any hire.

Make objective recruitment decisions based on data. Our platform will allow you to identify desirable attributes of a potential employee based on the quality of answers they provide.