Thames Water reveals first AMP7 partners

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Thames Water reveals first AMP7 partners

Contractors have been named for the first two lots of Thames Water’s £2.6bn AMP7 capital programmes framework.

The framework will be used by Thames Water to commission construction work across

London and the Thames Valley for the asset management period (AMP7) that runs from 2020 to 2025. There is an option to extend the framework for a further five years through to AMP8.
Lot 1 has an estimated overall value of £180m and is for non-infrastructure works. It covers all works above ground such as the refurbishment, replacement and provision of new potable water and wastewater treatment assets, including service and storage reservoirs.

Lot 2, which has an estimated overall value of £170m, is for infrastructure works, covering all underground works and broadly extends from rehabilitation, replacement and provision of new sewers and pumping assets to potable water pipelines to inspection and maintenance of aqueducts and tunnels.

A further five lots are due to be announced as part of this framework later this year.

The companies selected for Lot 1 (non-infrastructure) are: Costain, MWH Treatment, Mott MacDonald Bentley, Kier Infrastructure, Glan Agua, Galliford Try, Barhale, Bridges Electrical.

The companies selected for Lot 2 (infrastructure) are: Kier Infrastructure, Morrison Utility Services, Galliford Try, J Browne Construction, Barhale and Clancy Docwra.
Barhale, Galliford Try and Kier feature in both lots.

Barhale has already extended both of its Anglian Water alliance frameworks (IOS – Integrated Operational Solutions Alliance and @one Alliance delivering capital projects) and independently and in joint venture with Doosan, secured new frameworks with both Severn Trent and Yorkshire Water.

Barhale southern region director Phil Cull said: “We have a lot of experience working with Thames Water and have a good understanding not only of the demands placed on the network but also of the operational challenges faced when working in the UK’s most densely populated area.”

Barhale executive director Andy Flowerday added: “The appointment to AMP7 is really important for us. We already enjoy an excellent working relationship with Thames Water, which I’m looking forward to building on. They have a genuinely exciting forward investment programme, in which we will play an important role as they transform their business to deliver best value, long term resilience and enhanced levels of customer service, benefiting not only direct customers, but also the environment and the wider community, both for now and for the future.

“It also puts a spotlight on the success we have had across AMP7. Strategically, building on our reputation in the water industry is a key driver. This is proof positive that we are fulfilling that aim.”